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Benefits of Facebook Groups for Your Business Part 1

Have you ever tried to created a Facebook page for your business? I bet you believed it would magically become a place filled with engagement and lead to increased sales and referrals? Yeah, you are not alone, so have countless other business owners. As you may have experienced, most business pages fail to add to a business’ bottom dollar.

Your target audience on Facebook is going to look at your business page as an ad, meaning this can be a fantastic way to advertise your business. You can even run paid ads to make sure your page and page posts are shown to your target audience. 

But what if you could do something more? What if you could find a way to create a place on Facebook that would yield your desired result? What if you could find a way to create meaningful engagement with and among your customers and potential customers and really get your name out there? Good news… there is! We have a Social Magic Formula. 

Shift your focus to building a Facebook Group for your business. A Group is a much more effective way to build a community of people who are raving fans of your business alongside others who are potential future customers. 

Here are the first two reasons you should create a Facebook Group in addition to a Page: (we will give you three more in a future post) 

1. Groups allow for more personal (and increased) engagement.   

Most business pages on Facebook don’t effectively create the engagement (think “likes” and comments that fuel discussion) the business owner desires. Most customers don’t want to engage in conversation on a post created by a business. They want to engage with people, not necessarily with a business.

However, this is where a Facebook Group thrives! A Group removes the intimidation factor that a business’ page creates. With that barrier removed, engagement grows much more organically. This gives you the opportunity to engage on a more personal level with your audience.

2. Groups help you focus your customers' attention on what you want them to know.

In groups, you get to pin a post to the top. This is a great place to put a call to action and guarantee your audience sees it. In an open group, consider posting a link to your opt-in page! Just be sure you’re providing value to the group members with this offer. Do you have a sale coming up? Pin that post to the top so everyone who visits the group sees it!

Just be sure to remain focused on how you’re adding value and members will want to receive more of your content. Keep in mind that you’re creating a place for your raving fans to engage with your business (and each other!).

Be sure to stay tuned for part 2 to this post where we will share more benefits of a Facebook Group for your business. 




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